STAR Exeter offers 2 types of accommodation (16 years +):

Homestay - all year round | Residence - July/August
Homestay - 
Live in a British homestay during your time in Exeter. Meals will be provided by your hosts and you can practice your English outside of school in a relaxed and informal environment.

  • Live in a local homestay specially chosen by us
  • Enjoy breakfasts and dinners provided by our hosts
  • Practice English daily in an informal situation
  • Immerse yourself in a new culture
  • Hosts can be a single person living on their own with or without children or hosts married with or without children.  Some homestays have pets, cat, dogs, rabbits, birds.

Please Note: Students in our Residence must be 18 years+


Homestay Residence


All year round – Hosts are carefully selected and visited by STAR Exeter staff.


Most homestays are within 25 minutes’ walking distance of the school and city centre, some are a short bus ride away (average 15-20 minutes). If you need to take a bus you can buy a bus ticket online or on the bus, bus tickets cost £14.90 for 1 week, unlimited use.

Homestay's are no more than 6 kilometers from the school.

Room Types
  1. 1. Single room
  2. 2. Twin room (only available to 2 students booking together).
  3. 3. Single room with private bathroom (check for availability)
What’s in the Room

All rooms have a bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers and mirror.  Most rooms have a desk & chair for studying and a tv.  If  there isn’t a desk in your room, there will be another area in the house where you can study quietly.

What the Host will do for you

The host will provide bed linen & towels and change them once a week.  The host will also wash your clothes on a regular basis.  You will be expected to keep your room clean & tidy.

There will be no more than 3 other students (other paying guests) staying with the family.

Meals Breakfast is self service and you will be offered, toast, jams & cereals, juice, tea & coffee (sometimes at the weekends, full English cooked breakfast provided) Evening Meal is prepared and cooked by the host. This will consist of meat, fish, pasta, rice, vegetables, salads etc.
Shower Please talk to the host about the best time to use the shower (there is normally only one shower in the house)
Internet access Wi-Fi is available for student use (please ask your host for the password)
Minimum stay 1 week
Prices Prices


Superior & modern residence, located in the city centre. All apartments have a private bathroom and shared kitchen or Studios have a private bathroom & kitchen.


The residence is 10 minutes walk from the school and city centre - click on below link to view the residence.
Room Types
  1. 1. Ensuite - single room with private bathroom & shared kitchen
  2. 2. Studio with private bathroom & private kitchen (2 people can share if booking together – small double bed)
What’s in the Room

Ensuites - Small double bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, mirror, study area & chair. 

Studio - Small double bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, mirror, study area, chair & TV
Kitchen & Bedding Pack Bed linen & towels & kitchen utensils are not provided.  You can order a kitchen & bedding pack when booking your room. Bring your own towels.
Cooking facilities Ensuites & Studios are self catering with well equipped kitchens inclusive of cooker/kettle/microwave/toaster/fridge/freezer.
Laundry Laundry room on site (payable)
Internet access Free Wi-Fi
Availability July/August
Minimum stay 4 weeks
Prices Prices

Junior Residence

The residence has 4 floors with flats of 7-10 rooms, all rooms have a private bathroom.

Single Room

The Birks Grange residence is located on the University of Exeter campus, 10 minutes walk to the school (Amory building)

Room Types
  1. Single room with private bathroom
What’s in the Room Small double bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, mirror, study area & chair, mini fridge & safe. Shower & toilet.
Bedding and cleaning Bed linen is provided. Rooms are cleaned twice a week and bedding is changed once a week.
Laundry Laundry room on site (payable)
Internet access Free Wi-Fi
Availability 30th June - 28th July 2019
Minimum stay 1 week