Frequently Asked Questions


Q. When can I start a course?  
A. Any Monday throughout the year. The school is only closed for 2 weeks a year at Christmas.

Q. How long can I study for? 
A. You can study for as many weeks as you want with a minimum of 1 week.

Q. How many levels are there? 
A. We have classes from Elementary to Advanced level.

Q. How do I know my level of English? 
A. We will send you an online test before you come to the school and we will do a speaking and listening test on day 1 of your course

Q. How many hours a week can I study? 
A.You can study 30, 21 or 15 hours

Q. Can I change my host family?
A. Yes you can. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the family you can change by giving the school 1 week’s notice

Q. Are the families close to the school?
A. Some families are within walking distance and some are a short bus ride away. You can buy cheap bus tickets in the office

Q. Is the school accredited?
A. Yes it is. It is accredited by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) the government inspector of schools and the British Council

Q. How can I get to Exeter?
A. If you arrive at Heathrow there are 9 buses a day direct to Exeter. You can also take the airport shuttle to Reading where there is a train to Exeter almost every hour. There is an international airport in Bristol, 1 hour by train. Exeter has its own airport

Q. Are the teachers native speakers?
A. Yes they are

Q. How many students are there in a class?
A. Maximum of 12 students